Funding educational initiatives that promote academic excellence.


This year, BSF will fund the following innovative programs in our schools:

The Design and Engineering program (aka STEM Lab) for all K-4th graders

The Design and Engineering program is one of BSF’s greatest success stories. This cutting edge program provides all elementary students in our district with 50 minutes of STEM each week, in a STEM Lab, taught by a STEM specialist. The program, including initial start-up costs of equipment and curriculum, have been fully funded by BSF.

Edible Education in partnership with EduCulture

Edible Education provides our young people with more opportunities to learn in their school gardens and through field trips to farms across our island. Students come alive when they learn from the natural world. We are proud to offer this program in partnership with EduCulture.

The High School Arts and Lecture Series

BSF provides funding to the Humanities Department at BHS to bring in guest lecturers and to create a more interactive, hands-on experience for high school students.


This year BSF will fund the start-up of the Robotics program at Sakai. BSF was instrumental in launching the robotics programs in our district and we are proud of the success of the Spartronics team at BHS.