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School Funding 101

The question we probably get asked most often is: why do we need to privately fund our publicly financed schools? The graphics below shows how much revenue Bainbridge Island School District receive per pupil compared to other districts


Why are my taxes not enough?

4%: Federal Funding

Low because it is tied to income levels within our community

66%: State Funding

Dropped over $7M over the last 5 years (19%)

23%: Local Taxes

All school districts have been limited to a state mandated levy lid since 1977. Recently, the Washington state legislature voted to temporarily increase this lid to allow school districts to ask their voters for a supplemental local levy to replace lost state funding. BISD can now levy 29% vs 25% previously.

7%: Local Non Tax

Bainbridge Schools Foundation donations to BISD have tripled in the last five years.

Please donate to to BSF today. Your gift helps ensure our schools are strong for the long-term.